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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A sustainable student life-is it feasible?

TCD Environment Society Community Garden, Dartry
Many students use the excuse of too little money as to why they can’t live more sustainable lives. They probably envisage having to solar panel up their house and pop a wind turbine in the garden, but with a few small changes students can make huge savings and improve their lives. The idea that living sustainably is expensive is a common misconception. By far the cheapest way to eat is by growing your own food, even just a few potato plants will give you more potatoes over the winter than you’ll know what to do with. Buying foods that have been grown locally from a market can also be a lot cheaper than you think. If you normally take the Dart/Bus to college and you switched to cycling you could save at least €700 per college year! Your health would benefit too from gardening and cycling so you could drop the gym subscription and save on the Zumba class. Swopping the tv/laptop for these outdoor activities, layering up during the winter instead of turning the heating on, cooking in bulk (saves time too!) and switching lights off when not in use can have surprisingly big savings on your gas/electricity bills! So make a few small changes and start saving money and enjoying your healthier life today!
 Gwen Duffy


  1. Great post. Here in America, most college students can greatly cut back on their carbon footprint by not buying bottled water/sports drinks. They can also reuse stuff from their move in/out. Every year, I see tons of trash get thrown out during move in/out. Everything from college bedding, lamps, posters, etc. Don't buy junk you will end up throwing away. Donate stuff to a thrift store, or just keep on using it.

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