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Monday, April 23, 2012

“Practically perfect in every way ….”

Mary Poppins definitely seemed to have had the right idea with her bottomless carpet bag that seemed to have had no bounds or restrictions when it came to inserting anything from books to lamp shades.

This seemingly ordinary carpet bag solved all problems that face each and every one of us when we go shopping. Plastic and paper bags are a nuisance. A little rain and the new must have blouse you just purchased is ruined. Not to mention the tendency for ripping. Retail anxiety quickly replaces retail therapy. The solution? Plastic and paper bags need to be replaced with the bags on our shoulders.

I’m not talking about this……

These bags that women all over the world so nonchalantly carry, containing possessions ranging from our to-die-for lip gloss, to our cannot-live-without i-Phone, have come to be known as the kitchen sink. So why not utilise this space that we carry around with us day in day out. Next time you buy something, check your space and decline the offer of a paper bag from the sales assistant. You don’t need it! You already paid for the bag you’re wearing so why not show it off and put it to its full use. Follow the trend and live that little bit more sustainably!

Elaine O’Flaherty

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