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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who is Responsible for Global Warming?

Most people have heard of global warming or the greenhouse effect.  However, the majority of people I have talked to about it don’t seem to know a lot about it or why it is occurring.  If this is the case slowing it’s effect seems like an almost impossible task.  In a clip I recently watched on YouTube, Global warming 101, it was stated “scientists believe that it is human activity driving the temperature up”.  For decades now scientists have studied global warming and have generally concluded that it is the greenhouse gases emitted by humans that are the cause.  As we continuously burn fossil fuels and destroy our forests we are constantly adding to the concentrations of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, which then trap more and more heat. Although these gases have always been present it is only since the human race became industrialised and the concentrations of greenhouse gases rose above an acceptable level that the problems began.  If our generation stands any chance of curbing the effects of global warming it is necessary to somehow inform the public of the ramifications for our planet and future generations.  With the increasing temperature comes melting of the polar ice caps, rising sea levels, species extinction, flooding, and malnutrition, amongst numerous other negative effects for our planet and it’s inhabitants.  People need to realise that global warming is not a myth and that we are the culprits behind it.

Sarah Clavin

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