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Monday, April 9, 2012

A sustainable Kitchen

The average kitchen is much akin to a crime scene. It’s not necessarily a conventional crime which has occurred in it though, but a crime against the planet. This is a crime of waste, a rampant problem in the average kitchen. Like a crime scene the kitchen is full of evidence, evidence of this vast waste. It can be seen in the rubbish bin containing uneaten leftovers, and taps that are left running.
Anybody can and everybody should make a step towards sustainable living and this initial step does not have to be a newsworthy gesture. The small things count and if everybody is willing to make a small change for the better soon enough we’ll see a large change for the good. So what better place to start than in your very own kitchen.
A sustainable kitchen is a simple and achievable concept. Food can be saved by avoiding buying items that you know will not be eaten and by eating any leftovers rather than letting them go to waste. Energy can be saved by minimising the use of electric and gas ovens and of electric appliances such as the kettle and microwave. Water can be conserved by not leaving the tap running and secondly by swapping the dishwasher for hand washing, if you were to do this even two days a week you would save 70 litres of water a week, that’s 3640 litres a year! Everybody should make a step towards sustainability, why not step into a sustainable kitchen?
Bébhinn Maguire

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