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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recycled fashion does not have to mean second hand clothing

The idea of sustainable living can sometimes conjure up images of  people living in squalors, ditches as toilets and leaves as meals.  Perhaps a bit extremist, but you get the general idea! There is no need for these Bear Grylles- esque  extreme ideas, sustainable living can be incorporated into all our lives, no matter what your interests.
As a fashion follower I’m always on the lookout for new ways to update my already packed wardrobe…inspired by my recent venture into the world of sustainability, I thought it would be interesting to see how I could make my passion a bit more eco-friendly.
The idea of recyclable clothing first came to mind. Recycled fashion does not have to mean second hand clothing, clothes can easily be restyled with small  additions such as buttons, studs etc. , which can be found very cheap in any thrift store. A quick raid of your mums wardrobe  can also lead to the discovery of some gems, as I found out myself…luckily before they were gotten rid of!
A quick browse of the internet led me to find some great sites which specialize in eco-friendly clothing. Sustainable clothing uses natural fibres, cellulose, materials manufactured from natural materials and recycled fibres. In the mainstream some designers such as Stella McCartney  and celebrities such as Natalie Portman are doing there bit to bring to light the concept of eco-fashion.  A stylish way to lower your carbon footprint. 
So get out there and get yourself looking ecofabulous!
Paula Fox            


  1. Quite right Paula, restyling and refashioning existing garments is really easy to do. I do this myself all the time


    Other sites worth checking out include:


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