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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eco-friendly Cars

For decades human civilisation has been taking advantage of our natural resources with little thought in returning to the land what we have taken. It can be nothing but clear that today we can no longer do this, we need to be more aware of the effect we have on the earth and the atmosphere that surrounds it. CO2 emissions are an increasing worry from industrial emissions to right down to light bulbs. With a growing population annually, there is more demand for agricultural and industrial produce but also materialism gets hit with an increase also. Whilst cars and trucks and vans are all needed for personal transport in our daily lives and transport of goods for sale, we seem to have taken a purely materialistic view on them in the past century.
There is now a huge range of eco- friendly cars available on the market by all the top sellers. For example, the cars available to us in 2012 are BMW 3 series saloon, various Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Toyota, Peugeot and Nissans  amongst many more. These eco cars allow us to drive and decrease air pollution at the same time. Cars that run on electricity is the aim but before we get there hybrid cars are our first step, they have a half electric and half internal combustion system, this decreases the pollution factor immensely and are cost effective for consumers by reducing the need for gasoline. I think these cars need to be indorsed and marketed much more than the full combustion system cars, I am a strong believer that they will significantly help our planet in the long run and hope our aim of purely electrically run cars will be the norm sooner rather than later.
Amy Curran


  1. It’s good to know that several car companies are taking the initiative to make cars eco-friendly. This campaign would really be a very good start on helping the environment sustain its resources and have a cleaner air for all of us.

    Kerstin Shed

  2. I am in favor of this campaign. However, I am thankful for other car companies for inventing more Eco-friendly cars. Besides the beneficiary of this campaign is not only the environment, but also we, as human beings, who inhale the fresh air. I hope with these steps, those car manufacturers, who are not yet aware with the said campaign, will open their eyes to do the same thing.

    Earlene Harps

  3. A clean environment is our only source in order to inhale fresh air. But this is a far cry from how it used to; we are now living in a polluted surrounding, wherein many young and old people are suffering from different health problems, like respiratory diseases. However, I’m still thankful because eco-friendly cars were invented. This can be a good start to bring back the time when we live a healthier life. I am looking forward to all car manufacturers to continue the campaign they’ve started.

    Stelle Courney

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