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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some easy energy saving eco-friendly tips for students!

TO all you couch dwellers! I’ve composed a (short) list of some easy energy saving eco-friendly tips for students!

Instead of buying a bottle of water a day to cure them hangover blues why not invest in one of STOCK’s filter cap bottles? The cap filters water as you drink so you can refill from any source and they last 3 months! OR purchase a stainless steel flask which will significantly reduce plastic waste, I’ve spotted a few stylish ones going for less than 6 euro in T.K.Maxx and they will last you yonks!

To all of you living in accommodation or even at home begin to imagine the red light on your TV’s and electrical equipment like a Justin Bieber song...bad and needs to be turned off ASAP! Phone chargers will use of electricity when left in the socket even when there’s no phone attached! This will not only reduce electricity usage but also save you a few quid on bills!

For all of you who buy those packaged lunches for a quick bite remember how much waste that one sandwich contains! The plastic wrapper, plastic film coating the sandwich and the amount of carbon emitted in making that one sandwich and shipping it off to the local shop! Why not bring in your left overs from dinner or make your own home lunch, its way cheaper and cuts down CO2 emissions significantly. Or you could always opt for a fair-trade meal!

Thanks for the read!
Jonathan Flynn


  1. One of the things I really love to do is makings sandwiches from my leftovers. This actually helps me save a lot of money aside from the fact that I am not wasting food. This also reminds me to check with my HVAC contractor Dallas to determine if my heating and cooling systems are working just fine. I will have to admit, though, that I am one of those who always forget to turn the TV off. I will really need to work on this. Thank you for this post.

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